With over 2 decades of business experience and hundreds of photo shoots for kids of all ages, Tracey brilliantly creates bright, bold and energetic photographs that represent the warmth and intimacy shared when people are truly connecting and feel relaxed in front of her camera. A passion for photography and a love for fashion, her images are symbols of love and the reality of life.

What clients enjoy most about working with Tracey is the level of ease and comfort she exudes in her personality, while maintaining the highest level of professionalism.

One of her clients described the experience as

“it’s like working with an old friend. Tracey has the ability to see and capture the flecks of moments between posing for a photograph which reflect true happiness, love and life.”

Throughout her career, Tracey has always felt that passion leads to professional success. Her commitment to what she was meant to do and her desire to create lasting memories, has inspired her to follow her dream  To her, photo shoots are a way of helping people come out of their shell and build self-love.
















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